About us

Winter Wear Rentals is the creative idea of Mattie Meldon and Kris Greene.


Kris grew up in New England, where his love of skiing and snowboarding started at a young age. Mattie grew up in Colorado, where skiing and snowboarding were always a part of her life and a passion she shared with her entire family. Although they come from different parts of the country, their love of winter sports drew them to live in Summit County over 10 years ago. Working in the ski industry throughout the United States, and even in New Zealand, instilled upon them the importance of having good quality gear, which makes all the difference when you are heading out for a day on the mountain.

Mattie and Kris both felt that Breckenridge was home after their first season in Summit County. Between the friendly and welcoming community, the vibrant town, and the endless adventures waiting to be discovered, Breckenridge pulled them in the same way that it does for so many people who have only visited once. Having worked in almost every job in the ski industry, Mattie and Kris have observed visitors coming from all over the world, and they know what it takes to endure an often harsh winter environment. They want to bring their knowledge and expertise to ensure that every person visiting feels right at home.

Ready to hit the slopes, find your Winter Wear here.